Dorchester Academy Announces Waiting List Process for Prospective Students

In an effort to make plans for the future growth of our school, our Head of School Lynne’ Reeves and our School Board are implementing a “waiting list” for prospective students for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.

Parents of current students will be given first option to remain a part of our school family. They will officially re-enroll these student(s) in April of 2019. Parents planning to enroll an additional child(ren) in our school (K3-12th grade) in the future will need to complete the attached “waiting list” form for our records and pay a small nonrefundable deposit; however, our existing families will be given first option to add an additional child to our student body.

Prospective families (those planning to send their students to our school next year or after) will need to complete the attached form and pay a small nonrefundable deposit.

Parents needing to complete the “waiting list” process have the option of 1) completing the “waiting list” form online and emailing it to us at or along with the deposit made through VENMO or 2) bringing the completed form in with a cash payment.

We will record dates and times on the forms in the event that we fill classes. The primary purpose of this “waiting list” process is so that we can make plans for the future. Our goal is to not turn anyone away who meets our basic qualifications. We would prefer to meet the needs of our community by adding classes to our school. However, that may not always be possible. If we get to the point that we are unable to accept more students, we will let you know as you attempt to complete this process.

Please email Lynne’ Reeves if you have questions.

We look forward to serving your students and having you as a part of our school family.

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